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The Empire of Donkeys


Donkey Trekking in Austria

Donkey Trekking in the Alps

EselReich, which in German means "Donkey Empire", is located in the beautiful mountain region near the pilgrimage center of Mariazell in the Austrian Alps.

All donkey friends will find a rich selection of activities here:

and many other activities that will please not only the lovers of these friendly animals, but also the donkeys.

Donkeys are thanks to their easy going nature, kindness and serenity perfect companions for a hiker.

Donkey Trekking in the Alps

By joining one of the donkey hikes in the beautiful nature of alpine world, you will get to know the amazing animals up close.

In addition, you will hike all day without your luggage and yet have all things right at hand - in the saddle-bags of your donkey.

Enjoy one of the beautiful pack donkey tours we offer. There are easy tours as well as challenging hikes.